Discover a new realm of science-based skincare recovery designed to resist internal and external stressors

Discover a new realm of science-based skincare recovery designed to resist internal and external stressors

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Introducing Fleurs d'Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream

In order to support the skin’s natural barrier function as effectively as possible, African Botanics has reformulated its high-performance Fleurs d’Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream with enhanced molecular and biotech actives. The same enveloping, lightweight texture and adaptogenic botanicals, now with an added trio of age-defying ingredients: Ceramides, Detox System Ferment, and an Anti-Aging Matrix for Regeneration.

This upgraded formula features biomimetic Ceramides that help restore skin’s density and bounce, while profoundly improving texture and luminosity. Detox system ferment boosts detoxification and longevity at the cellular level, resulting in overall complexion radiance. Inspired by advances in regenerative medicine, a firming Anti-Aging Matrix stimulates collagen and empowers skin to regain firmness and tone. The result: Fewer signs of visible aging and redefined facial contours.


The second generation of cutting-edge ingredients builds off this multi-corrective face cream’s original winning base. Sustainably grown Blue Marine Micro Algae and a high concentration of plant peptides encourage cell renewal, while plumping and protecting the complexion. Distinct African Oil Complex™ ensures immediate delivery of youth-preserving essential fatty acid matrix, and moisturizing botanicals fade and fight the signs of aging skin: fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, redness, dryness and sagging.

An infusion of nocturnal flowers from ancient Baobab trees and hand-picked “Queen of the Night” Jasmine Grandiflorum deliver a sensorial finishing touch. Intensive Recovery Cream shields against inflammation, oxidation, air pollution and dry climates, and is recommended especially for hormonal, mature, unbalanced, seborrheic and sensitive skin types.




Sensorial and powerful, this cream helps create a smoother, firmer, more luminous appearance. Intensive Recovery cream shields against inflammation, oxidation, pollution and dry climates.

Targets fine lines, wrinkles / sun damage
Helps improve radiance, firmness and tone
Provides optimal hydration
Skin appears more supple and visibly plumped

When you would use it?

Use morning and evening to increase hydration, replenish moisture, soothe and de-stress the skin while firming and promoting rapid repair. Apply to face, neck and décolleté. Glide in gentle strokes along jawline up towards the ears from the center of your face towards temples and from the base of your neck upward to boost circulation. For skin in need of intense hydration, apply a few drops of Intensive Recovery Oil before applying the cream.


Key Ingredients & biotechnology

Cylindrotheca Fusiformis (Blue Marine Micro-algae)
Detox System Ferment (Candida Saitoana)
Anti-Aging Matrix (Helichrysum Stoechas Stem Cells)
Soy peptide extract
Coenzyme Q10
Centella Asiatica
Resurrection Plant
Vitamin C
Pro-Vitamin B5
Marula Oil
Rooibos Tea
Cape Mahogany Butter