Why Vitamin C Is the Superpower Ingredient Your Skin Needs Now

Why Vitamin C Is the Superpower Ingredient Your Skin Needs Now

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Introducing new Vita C Corrector - Booster Serum 20% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

When it comes to the list of tried-and-true skincare ingredients that stand the test of time, Vitamin C belongs firmly at the top. This proven-by-science powerful antioxidant is a multitasker in its ability to visibly brighten, protect against environmental stressors, stimulate skin’s collagen production, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Although Vitamin C is naturally occurring in the skin, its presence lessens as we age, requiring daily replenishment through beauty routines. If radiant, plumper-looking, more even skin is something you’re after, Vitamin C is surely the answer.



Exploring why all forms of Vitamin C are not the same

Not all Vitamin C found in skincare is the same. African Botanics brand-new Vita C Corrector Booster Serum is formulated with 20% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, a newer, very potent form of Vitamin C better known as THD Ascorbate. To understand why this specific kind of Vitamin C is the gold standard, it’s important to explore the challenges that arise when formulating with other versions. Vitamin C, under normal conditions, is considered highly unstable. Often, when used in skincare products, it will lose its efficacy when it mixes with other ingredients. It also tends to oxidize, weakening as it’s exposed to air (meaning products must be used in shorter periods of time). This can also cause creams and serums to turn a yellowish tint. That is why it’s imperative to use a strong and stable version of Vitamin C in order to reap the best benefits, which is where THD Ascorbate comes in.

When looking at the difference between two common types of Vitamin C, the bio-available THD Ascorbate we use in our Vita-C Corrector, and the frequently-used pure L-ascorbic acid, there are some clear contrasts to note. THD Ascorbate, our go-to, is lipid- or fat-soluble. L-ascorbic acid, on the other hand, is water-soluble. Why does that matter? Water can weaken Vitamin C, leaving you with a diluted formula. L-ascorbic acid also requires completely airless packaging because of its sensitivity to oxidation. THD Ascorbate has a pH of 5.5-6.5, higher than that of L-ascorbic acid, making it gentler on dry, sensitive skin. Because we went with THD Ascorbate, our Vita C Corrector is a completely waterless, fast-absorbing, super light serum formula that goes to work deeply in the skin without the worry about compromised performance.


Meet the star ingredient lineup in Vita C Corrector

Vitamin E, another lipid-soluble antioxidant that’s naturally found in the skin, works together with Vitamin C to amp up the protection against free radicals by four times, magnifying the serum’s skin-protecting abilities.

Marine Blue Micro-Algae, rich in antioxidants, amino acids (EPA), Omega 3, minerals, sugars, and peptides, helps boost the production of structural skin protein to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Marine Blue Micro-Algae has a powerful anti-wrinkle effect while stimulating cellular proliferation in the dermis and production of structural proteins by fibroblasts. Clinically, it has been proven to visibly decrease wrinkle depth and volume and dramatically improve elasticity, hydration and softness of the skin.

Squalane, another oil-soluble antioxidant, neutralizes damaging molecules generated by exposure to UV light. It’s also super hydrating and helps seal in moisture over time.

Resurrection Plant, a botanical rich in glycosides, phytosterols, flavonoids, trehalose sugar, polysaccharides and arbutin, aids in skin regeneration and rapid hydration, minimizing trans epidermal water loss. Clinical studies confirm that a combination of the polyphenolic tannin, 3,4,5-tri-O-galloylquinic acid, and a disaccharide (Trehalose) is responsible for the activation of rapid hydration and protection of the skin against desiccation. Trehalose is associated with anhydrobiosis which is the ability of plants to withstand extended periods of desiccation due to high water retention capabilities. Extreme summer and winter conditions combined with environmental factors often dehydrate the skin, negatively affecting condition, skin radiance and cell regeneration. Resurrection Plant is a clinically proven solution for the prevention of dermal water loss, dry dull skin, epithelial cell mortality and visible wrinkling.

Marula Oil, packed with antioxidants, micro-nutrients, and essential fatty acids, rounds out the formula to protect against environmental stressors, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and soothe redness. It also absorbs quickly and helps skin retain moisture. The result? Brighter, smoother, firmer-looking skin with a glowy, radiant finish.

Your best brightening routine:

If you’re noticing fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, dull or uneven skin tone, or dark spots, Vita C Corrector - Booster Serum 20% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate is here for you. Use Vita C Corrector daily in the AM and/or PM. Apply it after cleansing, exfoliating, and toning. Dispense 1-2 pumps to the areas where you have uneven skin tone, or all over your face, neck and decollete, slowly massaging the formula into skin in upward motions. Allow Vita C Corrector to soak into your skin for at least a few minutes before following up with your moisturizer and/or face oil.

Vita C Corrector can be used in tandem with our Nutritive Molecule Serum, which contains 3 types of Vitamin C as well as a superior complex of antioxidants and advanced actives. They go to work together to protect against free radicals, while brightening and improving skin texture.

We also love to add the new 100% vegan, cruelty-free Vita C Corrector to any of our antioxidant serums, face oils, and creams for a Vitamin C boost to our routines. Another way to use Vita C Corrector is completely on its own for a shorter period of time. You can try it 3-4 times a year when your skin is in need of brightening or an overall complexion overhaul.

As always, wear SPF over your skincare daily to maintain the best results and to help protect skin from future damage.


Is it suitable for all skin types?

Vita C Corrector works for all skin types including sensitive skin. Ideal for aging skin, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, free radical damage, loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and acne scars.