Blog third test

Blog third test

Dated : June 29, 2020



Fleurs d'Afrique was inspired by our travels to Venda, the land of giants and legends. The African wilderness, traditional healers, rural craft artists and astonishing, pristine nature were all there to greet us.  

After driving endless hours on untamed sand roads we arrived at the top of the Soutpansberg Mountains on a warm summer's night. After the sun set, we spent the evening gazing at the unpolluted, star-filled view of the African skies. We enjoyed the clearest view of countless galaxies and the Milky Way revelling in our existence on our floating pale blue island that we know as Earth. Our relationship with the wilderness has always played an important role in our work. We feel pure passion from the grandeur of our being amongst the power of nature. From the smallest grain of sand to the oldest living baobab tree, the land is alive with meaning and purpose.

The rare sight of white night-blooming Baobab flowers and the intoxicating scent of African Jasmine that filled the air on those early summer nights has been implanted in our memories since we first got a glimpse of their beauty. Capturing the energy and vitality of these African flowers and the connection between the earth and the stars was our greatest intention and inspiration for creating Fleurs d'Afrique.