Sun, ocean, surf and pure floral beauty - The Western Cape has them all. For our photoshoot location we chose Kogel Bay for its pristine and wild beauty, located in an undeveloped part of the Western Cape’s coastline between Gordon’s Bay and Rooi Els. It is nestled amongst layers of very steep mountains, submerged boulders and the most dramatic coastline land you will find.

Considered by many to be the most beautiful of Cape Nature’s protected areas, Kogel Bay earns that reputation largely to the fact that it occupies an area with minimal human interference. Its exceptional diversity and quality of Fynbos are known as the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom.



This is the story about a girl. She is free because she believes in freedom. She is home in a faraway land because she lives in her own world. Amongst the wild waves and golden sands, her power comes from love.

This is her story. She chooses the words. She writes the rules. She is surrounded by nature. She is connected to the splendor of her unique self. This is her universe. This is her magical earth. As she happily wanders effortlessly through her perfect paradise, she discovers time for herself, time for her beauty and time to live with each moment she takes, to make a memory.



Photographer: Petra van Raaij
Assistant Digital: Jean Pierre Fourier
Model: Jessica Buchanan
Hair & Makeup: Nandi Kai
Location: Western Cape, South Africa

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