Meet Caley Alyssa, yogini, holistic coach, world traveler and Self Magazine contributor based in Venice, California. Caley shares with African Botanics how she keeps it real with beauty and wellness in her life.


AB: Where are you from?
CA: Portland, Oregon

AB:  When did you start practicing yoga and why?
CA: In high school. My siblings brought me to my first yoga class ever!

AB: You have a meditation practice, tell us why you meditate and it’s impact on your life?
CA: If I don’t meditate for a day, I notice it.
If I don’t meditate for two days, other people start to notice it.
Meditation keeps me clear, focused and inspired to create!

AB: What beauty means to you?
CA: Beauty means thriving from the inside out. It’s when you feed your body and soul the best quality thoughts, foods and experiences so much so that it can’t help but to radiate out into the world from your physical self.

AB: What rituals/practices do you do to start and finish off the day?
CA: I always start my day with water and some sort of herbal concoction, whether it be tea, a blend of superfoods and lemon, or a green juice/smoothie.

AB: You travel often, what are your travel essentials?
CA: I always travel with probiotics, that’s my number one.
Otherwise it’s coconut oil, sunscreen, vegan dark chocolate, a good book and a comfy pair of sweat pants.

AB: Where next would you like to travel to?
It's too hard. Here are a few locations I’m really jouncing for at the moment: Cuba,
Iceland, Maldives, Western Europe (I’ve done Eastern and Italy but that’s it!), Nicaragua, Australia and New Zealand.

AB: What inspires you right now?
CA: I am inspired by my mediation practice at the moment. I have been getting such amazing clarity and lots of potential ideas coming to me recently. I’ve been feeling so powerful when I really put my mind to it!

AB: What is your philosophy when it comes to well being?
CA: It starts from within. You MUST get your mind right before anything else. Beauty radiates from within.

AB: Do you have a favorite quote or words to live by?
CA: Direct from the mouth of my grandpa Bob, “Do something. Even if it’s wrong!”
Also… “Rise by lifting others.”

B&W Photo credit: Jake Lyal Olson

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