Fleurs d'Afrique was inspired by our travels to Venda, the land of giants and legends. The African wilderness, traditional healers, rural craft artists and astonishing, pristine nature were all there to greet us.  

After driving endless hours on untamed sand roads we arrived at the top of the Soutpansberg Mountains on a warm summer's night. After the sun set, we spent the evening gazing at the unpolluted, star-filled view of the African skies. We enjoyed the clearest view of countless galaxies and the Milky Way revelling in our existence on our floating pale blue island that we know as Earth. Our relationship with the wilderness has always played an important role in our work. We feel pure passion from the grandeur of our being amongst the power of nature. From the smallest grain of sand to the oldest living baobab tree, the land is alive with meaning and purpose.

The rare sight of white night-blooming Baobab flowers and the intoxicating scent of African Jasmine that filled the air on those early summer nights has been implanted in our memories since we first got a glimpse of their beauty. Capturing the energy and vitality of these African flowers and the connection between the earth and the stars was our greatest intention and inspiration for creating Fleurs d'Afrique.


Paying homage to African traditional botanicals used for centuries, we wanted to create something unique and compelling that no one else has done before. The fusion of many healing, soothing and regenerating plants and unique botanical oils tried and tested for their potency where selected for this project. Using advanced science to harness their power, under the code name "the black oil" we set out to bring it to life.


EMBRACED BY STARS: Distinct African Oil complex: Marula, Baobab, Kalahari Melon seed and Mongongo are all wild harvested from very remote locations of Southern Africa, free of light pollution meaning the night skies are among the darkest on Earth. Thriving under dry, harsh conditions and only watered by thunderstorms these cold-pressed oils form a unique oil matrix of high levels of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9. 

TOUCHED BY THE SUN: Some of the active botanicals in Fleurs d'Afrique are wild African Immortelle (also known as Cape Gold), Calendula, Primrose and Rosehip seed oils. Utilizing a unique maceration process that takes many weeks, we harness the potency of African indigenous bush and desert plants: Resurrection, HoneyBush, Bulbinella and Rooibos which help soothe inflamed, dry, irritated skin, relieving itchiness.

POWERED BY OCEAN: The sea has always been an immense source of precious materials, nutrients and inspiration to humanity as a whole. The origin of micro-algae starts almost at the beginning of life itself. They are microscopic single-cell organisms that can survive independently, feed and multiply ensuring the functioning of major biological cycles and the maintenance of biodiversity on Earth. A powerful anti-wrinkle active and antioxidant, marine micro-algae acts to remove free radicals and helps prevent cell structure damage in the dermis layer. Strongly stimulates production of structural skin proteins. Rich in antioxidants, amino acids (EPA), Omega-3, minerals, sugars, carotenoids and peptides with incredible cell-renewal properties. Marine micro-algae offers soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits and is well-known for maintaining good skin condition and structure. Calms and plumps the skin. Healing and ideal for all skin conditions, from rosacea to acne. 

ADVANCED SKINCARE TECHNOLOGIES: Vitamin A, Vitamin C ester, Vitamin E and CoEnzyme Q10 are chosen to protect, restore and increase the longevity of skin cells. Leading to increased collagen production and plumped skin while helping diminish the appearance of discoloration caused by the sun damage.

JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM: Exotic, sensual and mesmerizing, Jasmine flowers grab the most attention during their fullest blooms at midnight. It takes about 8,000 hand-picked Jasmine blossoms to extract 1 ml of its essential oil. Studied and known for its ability to promote skin elasticity, increase skin's moisture content and cellular renewal while uplifting, calming and combating acne. Jasmine has antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits and acts as a skin tonic for sensitive, hormonal, dry and irritated complexion.

DAMASK ROSE: A hormonal skin balancer, Rose creates a feeling of calm and well-being. High in antioxidants, rich in vitamin C, it is excellent for reducing redness and skin inflammation. Rose possesses powerful healing, anti-aging and purifying properties and has been used since the ancient times, helping to promote openness and generosity. 


Who: All skin types, including skin exposed to urban stress, pollution, harsh, dry climates, sun damage and is recommended for hormonal, inflamed, mature, unbalanced and sensitive skin.

• First signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness
• Dullness, dry, aging skin with uneven skin tone and pigmentation
• Hormonal and sensitive skin. Inflammation, redness and irritation from breakouts, sun damage and environmental exposure
• Excess oil, acne-prone, seborrheic and unbalanced skin
• Enlarged pores and clogged pores

Directions: AM and PM apply on clean skin to balance, soothe and de-stress the skin while promoting rapid healing and repair. Sweep 5-8 drops over face, neck and décolletage, gently pressing in and releasing. Glide in gentle strokes along jawline up toward the ears, from the center of your face towards temples and from the base of your neck upward to boost circulation.

The Result: The skin is left luminous, more youthful with increased firmness, elasticity and clarity. 

AVAILABILITY: Fleurs d'Afrique will officially launch on March 7th, 2016




Fleurs D' Afrique from African Botanics on Vimeo.






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