Frequently Asked Questions

Are African Botanics products tested on animals?

Since its creation, African Botanics has always been opposed to animal testing and does not test on animals in compliance with EU regulations.

Are your products vegan and gluten-free?

African Botanics collection is 100% gluten free. Most of African Botanics products are vegan, with the exception of Intense Skin Repair Balm, which contains wild flower honey in its formula.

Are African Botanics products made with natural ingredients?

Created with both you and the planet in mind, African Botanics uses high concentrations of sustainable, natural active ingredients, most of them are wild-grown, wild harvested, certified organic and fair trade. We carefully choose every ingredient we use in our products for safety, efficacy and effectiveness. Our products are formulated without the use of chemical parabens, added fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and artificial preservatives. 

Does African Botanics uses synthetic ingredients?

African Botanics is free of synthetic fillers and synthetic ingredients. We believe that there are no safe synthetic actives, our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything we use on it. Our natural active ingredients perform better at penetrating the skin while delivering the full efficacy of our nutrient dense products. At African Botanics there is no compromise on safety.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

African Botanics product line has been developed with a leading aroma therapist and is completely safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Our products contain only pure, natural and non-toxic ingredients. African Botanics is committed to providing accurate information, however, this information is not intended to replace advice from your qualified medical practitioner. We recommend that you speak with your obstetrician or dermatologist should you have any concerns regarding your particular circumstances.

Do you have products that are gentle for skin affected by Rosacea or Eczema?

African Botanics products have been especially developed for the skin affected by stress, urban environment, pollution and inflammation. Our products contain many calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients that naturally soothe, heal and reinforce the skin. We recommend our Pure Marula Cleansing Oil, Mineral Cleansing Mask, Pure Marula Oil and Intense Skin Repair Balm as appropriate products that naturally calm hypersensitive skin.

Does African Botanics use nanoparticles?

African Botanics products do not contain nanoparticles.

What country do your active ingredients and Marula Oil come from?

All our raw active ingredients and Marula Oil are sourced in South Africa from local, reputable suppliers.

Where are African Botanics products made?

All our products are proudly made and bottled in South Africa.

Will Pure Marula Oil or Neroli infused Marula clog my pores?

These oils are easily absorbed into the skin and won’t clog pores as they are both non-comedogenic.

What is the difference between Pure Marula Oil and Neroli infused Marula Oil?

Although Marula oil is suitable for all skin-types — its light texture and non-greasy finish mean it's perfect for naturally oily skin but it's hydrating qualities make it a dream for dry skin too. African Botanics recommends Pure Marula Oil for dry, dehydrated, mature and sensitive skin. Neroli infused Marula Oil would be ideal for blemished, combination and oily skin types that require balancing, calming and brightening effect.

I have oily skin that is very prone to blackheads and breakouts. What oil can I use?

Our Neroli infused Marula Oil contains a high concentration of Neroli essential oil that is derived from freshly picked orange blossoms. Together Marula Oil and Neroli have rejuvenating and regenerating benefits. Their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties make it ideal for oily and blemished skin. Plus, it will help reduce the secretion of sebum, to cleanse, purify and maintain moisture levels while balancing oily skin. Neroli infused Marula Oil is non-comedogenic and does not result in clogged and enlarged pores.

Why can there be a variation in color and scent in your oils from batch to batch?

Due to the nature of our raw ingredients used, slight changes in the scent and/or color of product batches may occur. To ensure purity we use cold-pressed, unrefined, raw and bioactive oils in their virgin state for our products that come from pristine nature. We never bleach our oils to alter their color. Each harvest is unique depending on rainfall for the season. However, our formulas and the effectiveness of our products remain the same for all production sets.

What makes African Botanics Marula Oil different?

  1. African Botanics uses only wild harvested Marula Oil that comes from wild growing Marula trees and their fruit. Our oil comes from a pristine region of South Africa which has not been affected by pollution, farming or human manipulation.
  2. Purity. Our oil is extracted and purified using modern technology by cold-pressing hand selected kernels instead of the entire nut without the use of heat or solvents. Every batch is tested by an independent lab to ensure purity and bioavailability.
  3. Ethically sourced, our Marula Oil pays tribute to South African people, history and culture. This miracle oil nourishes not only our beautiful skin, but also many communities that produce it. Many employment opportunities are created as a result of the Fair Trade project that African Botanics is proud to be a part of.

Is African Botanics Marula Oil sustainable?

Yes, a South African government study shows that only 1% of the available fruit is being used.

What is so special about African Botanics Marula Ritual experience?

At African Botanics, attention to detail is at the heart of every product we create.

Using the world’s most advanced phyto technology we always begin with the finest ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness. We believe that your beauty regimen should be an uplifting and soothing experience, harmonizing your body and soul. Our products evoke and infuse a world of luxurious sensations to indulge and awaken your skin’s youthful vitality helping you reconnect with pure nature. Every product we make has been inspired by ancient traditions and time tested African plants.