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Benefits of Commiphora Wildii for Skin

We explore the skin-loving benefits of the remarkable Commiphora wildii to reveal a balanced, clear complexion. A truly transformative addition to all skincare routines.

What is Commiphora wildii? Commiphora wildii is an aromatic resin from a bio-dynamic shrub ethically harvested in the Namibian desert. Thriving in the rocky, mountainous slopes of the deserts of northwestern Namibia, Commiphora wildii is characterized by a swollen stem which branches out near the ground. An incredibly aromatic resin, called Omumbiri, exudes naturally from this arid-adapted tree. The bright citrusy notes and slightly spicy fragrance from the resin have long been revered by the local Himba women as the prized ingredient of their perfumes. 

How can Commiphora benefit the skin?

An esteemed and unique ingredient, Commiphora wildii not only exudes an incredible scent but also offers transformational benefits for the skin.

- Anti-bacterial: Delivers multiple benefits for blemish-prone skin. The anti-bacterial nature of Commiphora Wildii sees it well suited to prevent blemishes, minimize redness, and clear active breakouts. Mild yet effective antibacterial properties eliminate acne-forming bacteria within the pore to clear the skin without stripping the healthy oil / moisture balance.

- Rich in antioxidants: Supports complete skin rejuvenation. An abundant source of antioxidants, Commiphora wildii encourages complete skin rejuvenation; protecting and repairing skin to slow signs of aging. Through daily exposure to environmental and lifestyle stressors, your skin is susceptible to free radical damage. This damage results in the degradation of collagen and elastin which leads to loss of skin elasticity and fullness. Antioxidants are the answer to protecting your skin from the relentless assault of free radicals. They halt free radical activity and repair damage already done. Amping up the antioxidant factor in your skincare routine will serve to rejuvenate and protect your complexion, regardless of your skin type and concerns.

- Astringent properties: Tones and tightens. The astringent properties of Commiphora wildii assist to tone and refine the appearance of skin without drying or disrupting a healthy barrier function.

- Large pores appear minimized and the result is a smoother, tighter-looking complexion.

- Balancing: Encourages an optimal moisture / oil balance for a healthy barrier.
Radiant, supple skin is quite literally a balancing act. A careful balance of moisture and oil is needed for skin to function optimally; even in oily skin types. Commiphora wildii encourages this equilibrium by maintaining healthy amounts of both moisture and oil on the skin’s surface to fight dehydration and preserve the integrity of the skin barrier.

Commiphora wildii in the African Botanics range

Sustainably-cultivated Commiphora wildii is the star ingredient of our Commiphora Face Cleanser. The radiance-promoting formula also includes gentle Lactic, Mandelic and Salicylic acids, Niacinamide, Silk Amino Acids, Rooibos and Honeybush extracts plus Aloe and Bulbinella leaf.

An effective exfoliating gel cleanser, Commiphora Face Cleanser powerfully washes away impurities and resets the skin while being gentle enough to use every day.

Why your skin will love the Commiphora Face Cleanser:

• Balances the skin’s natural pH
• Clarifies and reveals a radiant complexion
• Assists in the reduction of breakouts
• Does not disturb the skin’s natural oils or moisture
• Removes dead skin build up
• Natural anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe and Bulbinella leaf calm stressed skin

The sulfate-free formula is pH balanced and made with mild, biodegradable, plant-derived surfactants for a low foaming, non-stripping lather.

The results go beyond a refreshing experience and range from tightened pores, balanced oil production, reduced breakouts, added radiance, and a more even skin tone and texture.

Our commitment to sustainable harvesting of Commiphora wildii

Commiphora Wildii is sustainably and ethically collected by the TRUST, which is an established producer with a pioneering dedication to the environment and social responsibility. The Trust evaluates the C. wildii population to determine sustainable harvesting practices, using an ecological management plan to ensure that commercialisation does not negatively impact the species or its environment.

During the dry summer months, the Omumbiri resin is harvested by local Himba women who are the managers of the Commiphora wildii trees and keepers of sacred plant knowledge. The resin naturally exudes from the plant when temperatures are high from October to February. During the rainy season, the trees don’t produce resin.

The harvesting practice is sustainable as only naturally exuded resin is collected and incisions are never made in the trees. After collection, the resin is aggregated at collection points throughout the Kunene and brought to the regional capital of Opuwo. There, the resin is aged and steam-distilled at a processing facility owned and operated by the Trust.

Have questions about African Botanics products or the sustainable sourcing of our ingredients? We’d love to hear from you - reach out to us!

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