Our Story Starts in South Africa

In the southernmost region of a vast and ancient continent, believed to be the very cradle of humankind, there is a land of great beauty, rich in scenic splendor and cultural diversity and is arguably unparalleled for its magnificent variety of fauna and flora.

African Botanics is about passion for pristine mother nature, our love for Africa, for exploring this unique and untamed continent and discovering new plants, interesting places and friendly people. Our products convey a rich diversity of the African landscape and flora through signature, bespoke creations, unique plant based ingredients, luxury textures and rare raw materials that embody the African spirit.

We honor and respect thousands of years of African beauty and traditional medicinal knowledge, which were created from the need to protect the skin from the harsh African environment.

Our DNA is “Made in Republic of South Africa.” That will always be our signature and what makes our story so different. Our beauty products carry a unique identity and that endows each product in the line with greater significance. We are proud to show the world through our creations that Africa has many beauty secrets and so many stories yet untold.

With respect to Africa’s biodiversity we always search for the most active plant extracts and botanical treasures working together with South African botanists who study traditional plant usage, share their knowledge and unite our efforts with one common goal: to ensure our unique product’s quality, safety and effectiveness.

As we travel to discover ourselves in timelessness where our ancestors once carved our destinies in stone for us to discover many centuries later, our time-tested, indigenous botanicals and exquisite oils are meticulously united with centuries old tradition and the latest green technology that take us on a journey through the mystery of the African continent and it’s unique eco systems.

This is where your journey begins... Welcome to African Botanics!