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Restore your skin and equilibrium with the sensorial power of sustainably sourced plants merged with science. Explore wellbeing beyond the physical, feel grounded and balanced by an african journey into highly effective therapeutic ingredeints and luxurious textures through our modern spa-grade formulations.

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Our Retinal Night Cream is a potent anti-aging and brightening treatment that rebuilds skin cells while accelerating the recovery process while you sleep.

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“Firstly I'd like to say that the company and the owners have been so supportive of not just myself but alot of talented beauty experts and makeup artists in providing their lines products so we have had a hands on experience with both ourselves and our clients to confirm the fact that these products work, and the chic packaging the chemistry and ingredients are so unique, these things matter in a market full of lines claiming facts of usage of their products will deliver certain results yet in my beliefs most fall short from your expectations, this line delivers what it claims bottom line in my opinion.”

Shane Paish, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Editor-at-Large for Australian Vogue

"African Botanics uses South Africa's unique ingredients, raw materials, and active plant extracts in its sleek line of skincare and bodycare products that protect the skin from environmental aggressors. Ethically sourced and expertly formulated, the products - including the cult-favorite Retinal Night Cream and Pure Marula Oil - are beloved for their high percentage of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory omegas, peptides, minerals and marine biotechnology."


"Derived from the marula tree, marula oil is a rising star of the skincare world. Rich in fatty acids, this skincare ingredient hydrates, contains anti-oxidants, and is anti-inflammatory, all without clogging pores. Use marula oil on its own or combined with other ingredients in a mask or moisturizer."


“African Botanics looks to incorporate the most active plant extracts and botanical components to create natural products that evoke the essence of the African landscape. An intensive recovery oil made in South Africa, ‘Fleurs d’Afrique’ infuses Baobab flowers and ‘The Queen of the Night,’ handpicked Jasmine Grandiflorum. The oil-serum is made for treating skin exposed to UV damage, pollution, and harsh climates and targets concerns like dryness, fine lines, uneven skin tone, excess oil, and enlarged and clogged pores.”


African Botanics’ founders Craig and Julia Noik sustainably source their ingredients from South Africa’s Fynbos region—a remote utopia of antioxidant-rich plants and natural resources. Inspired by traditional beauty rituals, the face and body treatments are renowned for their healing, nourishing, and therapeutic benefits, not to mention their luxurious clean, vegan formulas. While you can’t go wrong with any of the brand’s products, we’re especially fond of the Résurrection Eye Cream and the Marula Shimmering Gold Oil, which gives skin the most insane sun-kissed glow.