Your Guide to Skincare Boosters

Your Guide to Skincare Boosters

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Skincare boosters are superior skin-perfectors. These versatile formulas integrate beautifully into your routine and deliver a concentrated surge of active ingredients to target specific skin concerns. We answer your booster FAQs and walk you through the African Botanics range of high performance, multi-correctional boosters.

What are skincare boosters? Designed to optimize your current routine, boosters can be added to your favorite moisturizer or serum for an instant boost, or used alone for a precisely targeted treatment. With a potent level of active ingredients and a thin, lightweight formula boosters are rapidly absorbed by the skin to deliver fast, specific results.


Customize your routine: Booster benefits

The versatility of boosters allows you to integrate them into your skincare routine as required. They’re a flexible solution for both short-term or persistent skin concerns.

For example, if your skin experiences dryness, flaking, and sensitivity only during the winter months when the air is cold and humidity is low, adding a hydrating booster to your routine can help combat seasonal dryness and keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Or, if your skin is temporarily sensitized, you could add a booster packed with barrier repair actives, such as ceramides and niacinamide to help speed up the recovery process.

Boosters can help address a range of skin concerns, effectively rejuvenating and revitalizing your complexion.

- Dehydration
- Aging concerns and expression lines
- Dull complexion
- Uneven skin tone
- Acne and blemish prone skin
- Weak, sensitive barrier
- Redness and reactivity
- Oiliness and shine

The specific skin concerns a skincare booster addresses will depend on the active ingredients it contains.


African Botanics multi-correctional boosters

Our multi-correctional Boosters deliver a concentrated dose of powerful active ingredients, essential vitamins, and nutrients to provide your skin with customized and targeted care.

Give your skin a boost of radiance, comfort and vitality, whenever it needs it most!


Ceramide Repair Booster Intercellular lipid treatment: 5% ceramides + rose

A highly potent and super concentrated reparative ceramide booster treatment that strengthens the skin’s barrier and locks in moisture.

Containing 5% ceramides and rose, this Booster reinforces the skin's natural barrier, improves hydration, and soothes irritated skin. Ceramides aid in recovering and maintaining barrier function, while rose can provide anti-inflammatory and hydrating benefits.

Results: Increased skin resilience, elasticity and radiance, while smoothing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ideal for: Sensitive, barrier-compromised, dry, inflamed, and dehydrated skin.

Niacinamide Plumping Booster Probiotic-infused treatment: 20% niacinamide + vitamin c

A cutting-edge skin-fortifying face treatment that simultaneously provides a surge of hydrating, plumping, lifting and soothing benefits.

Featuring an advanced level of 20% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), this potent booster refines skin by tightening pores, brightening and visibly minimizing signs of aging and redness. The addition of probiotics help balance flora in the microbiome, regulate pH levels, and promote cell turnover, diminishing breakouts and leaving skin looking plump and dewy.

Results: Brighter, more even skin tone, reduced redness and inflammation while improving barrier function.

Ideal for: Dull, aging, dehydrated, acne-prone, and reactive skin.



Lucent Pearl Booster Age-defying illuminating treatment

A potent age-defying and illuminating treatment that targets signs of dullness, fatigue and loss of firmness.

Regenerating actives and antioxidants impart youthful luminosity while counteracting the negative effects of pollution, environmental aging and stress. Formulated with a cutting-edge blend of Pearl, Rooibos, Niacinamide, CoQ10, Ceramides and Yeast Beta-Glucan extract to replenish vital hydration for improved radiance and firmness.

Results: Youthful luminosity while counteracting the negative effects of pollution, environmental aging and stress.

Ideal for: Sensitive, barrier-compromised, dry, inflamed and dehydrated skin.

African Botanics booster FAQs

What is the difference between an African Botanics booster and an African Botanics serum?

Our boosters and serums differ in terms of their formulation, concentration of active ingredients, and intended use.

Our Boosters are formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients and supporting actives to accelerate results to address specific skincare concerns more rapidly. They can be applied directly onto the skin or combined with serums, day/night creams, or masks.

Whether used every day, or on alternate days, both morning and night, our Boosters are a perfect addition to help your skin adapt to daily changes and seasonal fluctuations.

If I’m using a serum, do I need a booster?

Our Boosters are highly adaptable and can be utilized as a standalone product or in combination with your preferred moisturizer or serum.

They deliver an added dose of active ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients to enhance the efficacy of your current skincare routine or provide extra help to address specific skin concerns as needed.

When do I apply a booster in my routine?

When using alone, apply 3 - 4 drops to your freshly cleansed Face, neck and décolletage. If combined with a serum or moisturizer, you will apply it in the same step. Boosters are safe to use daily.

Refer to the individual instructions for each African Botanics booster for usage guidance.

Have questions? Reach out to our team at We’re here to guide you!