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What causes acne and congestion?

Acne and congestion occur when pores become blocked by excess sebum, dead skin cells, and other debris. In this environment, acne-causing bacteria (p. Acnes) flourish. The contents of the pore spills into the surrounding skin which spreads the bacteria and can lead to infection. 

Experience a supple, clear complexion with African Botanics best acne products

Build a focused skin routine to reduce breakouts, calm inflammation, diminish the appearance of scars and accelerate the skin regeneration.

  • Calm inflamed, stressed skin
  • Clarify and decongest blocked pores
  • Nurture the skin’s protective barrier function
  • Accelerate the healing of scars
  • Brighten post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 

Our acne products clear and clarify while respecting the barrier

Our acne skincare products are formulated to clear and exfoliate congested skin while respecting the delicate moisture / oil balance of the stratum corneum. Unique blends of exfoliating acids offer a profound yet gentle cleanse deep within the pore and surrounding area.

Our favored AHA, BHA and enzymatic exfoliants for acne serums include Lactic, Mandelic and Salicylic acids and fruit enzymes. 

Rooibos extract also features in our acne face cleanser and serum for acne thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and dermis strengthening properties. Always use a gentle face cleanser for acne to keep the skin hydrated and calm. 

Heal and fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation

Scarring caused by acne can result in changes to skin texture such as indentations or raised bumps. In contrast, acne marks are pigment changes, typically appearing as discolored patches on the skin due to breakout inflammation. These marks are known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

A corrective routine can help heal and diminish the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation. 

Retinol serum for acne scars can increase cellular turnover, stimulate collagen production, and support the thickening of the dermis to fade scars. Retinol also addresses post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.  

Calming face products for acne 

Discover relief from red, inflamed skin with our range of essences, creams and serums for acne to soothe, hydrate and strengthen impaired skin. 

Many prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments can strip the skin leaving it dry, irritated and vulnerable. Our range is designed to combat and correct damage, by calming skin and restoring moisture levels in the dermis.

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