Body cleansers / exfoliants

Instantly exfoliate, detoxify, firm, brighten and resurface the skin with the powerful combination of natural physical exfoliants and acids.
Instantly exfoliate, detoxify, firm, brighten and resurface the skin with the powerful combination of natural physical exfoliants and acids. ... read more

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Dual-phase body exfoliation 

Dual-phase exfoliation incorporates both physical and chemical exfoliants. The physical particles in the body exfoliator scrub to slough away dry, rough skin cells on the skin’s outer layer to smooth while a team of AHA and BHA penetrate the pores to clear and purify. 

Benefits of incorporating a body scrub 

The therapeutic and cosmetic benefits of a body exfoliating scrub are amplified with regular use.

Immediate improvement in skin texture and firmness

Skin is instantly smoothed and softened by removing the accumulation of rough, dry patches of dead skin cells.

Enhanced blood flow

Exfoliation can stimulate blood flow which improves circulation and encourages the skin to take on a glowing and revitalized appearance. 

Stimulate cellular turnover

Using an exfoliating body scrub can assist in promoting cellular turnover to combat a delay in the natural shedding of cells process and, in turn, improve the overall vitality and appearance of the skin.

Purify pores

Lifting away dead cells and dissolving impurities such as oil, dirt, and sweat with a body exfoliator scrub aids in clearing and purifying the pores to reduce the risk of blemishes.

Promote a state of relaxation 

An exfoliating body scrub enriched with fragrant botanical oils imparts soothing, calming scents that appeal to the senses and amplifies a sense of well-being.

Enhanced product absorption

Smooth, clear skin free from build-up will receive and absorb products subsequently applied more readily. 

Hero ingredients in our best body exfoliating scrub

Café Noir Body Exfoliant is our detoxifying and firming body exfoliant. With a stimulating grain-gel texture, this is an exquisite body scrub for men or women and a well-tolerated body scrub for sensitive skin. 

AHA/BHA: Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic acids 

Dissolve and effectively remove dead skin cells and build-up within the pore to cleanse and minimize unevenness in the skin. 

Black Coffee beans and Marula nut shell powder

A thoughtful combination to soften and stimulate fatigued skin leaving the body polished and refreshed. 

Volcanic pumice

Offers a deep physical exfoliation without irritation.


Researched for its ability to stimulate and energize skin, caffeine also contains protective antioxidants and polyphenols to guard against free radical damage


Rich in active compounds: quinones, irridoids, coumarines and flavonoids this unique botanical has proven properties to tighten and firm skin.

The formulation includes wildcrafted and organic body scrub ingredients. 

How often to use a body exfoliator scrub

Café Noir Body Exfoliant can be used daily. Apply to wet skin and massage in circular ascending movements concentrating on rough areas to help reactivate lymphatic flow and detox the skin. Rinse off well and finish with a cold shower burst. 

For thick skin requiring more intensive exfoliation, apply the body exfoliator scrub to dry skin.

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