Anti-cellulite / stretchmark

Introducing African Botanics collection of body care designed to contour and regenerate
Our targeted skin care for stretch marks and anti-cellulite treatment works to fade the appearance of marks and firm skin.
Introducing African Botanics collection of body care designed to contour and regenerate
Our targeted skin care for stretch marks and anti-cellulite treatment works to fade the appearance of marks and firm skin. ... read more

Cellulite and stretch mark cream

Why do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks (striae) are small scars which occur when skin elasticity breaks down as the skin stretches quickly.

Pregnancy and rapid weight gain or weight loss are common reasons for the appearance of striae. Initially, stretch marks have a red, pink or purple hue and over time they fade to a whitish color.

Applying oil for stretch marks or stretch mark cream can aid in minimizing the boldness of marks and may even prevent their appearance.

How stretch mark oil can fade and prevent striae

Massaging stretch mark oil into your skin assists in promoting skin elasticity. In turn, this allows the skin to expand readily without, or with minimal, scarring.

The best skin care for stretch marks in the African Botanics collection is our Stretch Mark Botanical Body Oil.

Not only does a powerful blend of sustainably sourced oils deeply hydrate and promote elasticity, but this oil for stretch marks is brimming with regenerative vitamins and collagen-stimulating properties to quicken the healing of existing scars.

Anti-cellulite treatment and firming body care

When the appearance of cellulite and loss of firmness is of concern, botanical anti-cellulite creams can aid in smoothing bumpy, uneven skin.

African Botanics anti-cellulite treatments are specially formulated with firming antioxidants and active elements to tighten, contour and reinforce the skin’s structure while improving the appearance of cellulite.

Our selection offers a firming serum and oil to lift, tighten and tone while leaving the body deeply hydrated and re-energized. Ideal for reinvigorating dull skin, improving circulation and helping defend the skin against urban environmental stress and free radical damage.

Pair with Kalahari Desert De-Tox Bath Salts for a complete spa-like experience in rejuvenating flaccid, bumpy and dehydrated skin.

Ethically grown, gathered and prepared single-origin botanicals

African Botanics oils for stretch marks and anti-cellulite treatments contain remarkable single-origin botanicals with potent adaptogenic properties which honor generations of traditional medicinal knowledge.

Our botanicals are ethically grown, gathered then prepared without the use of genetically modified organisms or pesticides.

Ethical and sustainable practices are deeply rooted in our philosophy and guide every stage of product development.

What's the Difference Between Cellulite vs. Stretch Mark Creams? 

Cellulite cream is formulated with tightening ingredients - including  Resurrection Plant, Horsetail, Menthol and Caffeine - to target the appearance of cellulite, which is the dimpled skin with an orange-peel appearance often found on thighs and buttocks. 

Stretch mark creams and oils help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, which are long, narrow streaks that can occur due to skin stretching. Massaging oil into the skin promotes skin elasticity, in turn minimizing or even preventing the appearance of stretch marks. 

Do Anti-Cellulite Creams Really Work? 

Our Svelte Cream and Firming Body Serum are formulated to  help activate microcirculation, promote the breakdown of stored fat , tighten, and  strengthen the skin; diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Consistent use, combined with a healthy lifestyle, reinvigorates skin and results in a noticeable improvement in firmness.

Can I Buy This Anti-Cellulite Cream Online? 

Yes. Simply select African Botanics Svelte Cream (Sculpting and Firming) or African Botanics Firming Body Serum (Lifting & Toning). These unique formations address flaccid skin, water retention in cellulite tissue while effectively shaping body contours. 

Treat your body with the best skin care products for stretch marks and cellulite with African Botanics.

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