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African Botanics: Age-Defying Protocol

Nourish and support your skin for healthy radiance as it changes with age. Our African Botanics' protocol for mature skin addresses common challenges like wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation, and sagging.

While our wisdom and life experience may increase with age, unfortunately, our collagen and elastin levels don't follow suit! Key proteins like collagen and elastin diminish, and the rate of cellular turnover decreases. This leads to a thinner, less radiant complexion. Even if you had oily skin in your younger years, dryness may become a common concern as you age.

Signs of Aging Skin Include:

Sagging: The loss of collagen and elastin, which provide structure and elasticity, can lead to sagging, flaccid skin.

Dullness: Dullness in mature skin often arises from decreased cellular turnover and increased dryness, reducing the skin's natural glow.

Fine lines and wrinkles: As the production of collagen and elastin slows down with age, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. The first signs usually appear around the eyes due to their delicate skin and frequent use. Over time, expression lines deepen in areas like the forehead and nasolabial folds due to repeated muscle movements.

Photodamage: Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to photodamage, causing uneven skin tone, dark spots, and a further decrease in elasticity.

Dehydration and Dryness: These are two separate concerns that mature skin often faces.

Dehydration refers to a lack of water in the skin, while dryness is due to insufficient oil production. As skin matures, it tends to struggle with both, as its natural ability to retain moisture and produce oils decreases. Addressing both is vital to maintain healthy, mature skin.

African Botanics - Routine for Age Defense

Our carefully formulated skincare solutions for aging and tired complexions work at the cellular level, bolstering resilience, plumping and restoring luminosity, while comforting and protecting the skin.

Benefits of African Botanics anti-aging routine:

Reinvigorate and replenish fatigued skin
Enhanced epidermal renewal for a firmer, tauter complexion
A brighter visage with pigmentation and age spots diminished
Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and minimized
Positive change to suppleness and skin tone

Let’s explore our targeted multi-step protocols for a foundational routine and complementary treatments to amplify your results.

Foundational Routine. The foundational routine centers around 4 essential steps: cleansing, treatment (serum), moisturizing, and sunscreen (AM only) to maintain a healthy, resilient skin barrier.

AM Routine - Defense mode. Your morning skincare routine is focused on purifying your skin post-slumber and fortifying it against the day's aggressors with a bounty of antioxidants, preparing it for its daytime defense mode.

Step 1: Cleanse. Select from a trio of gentle yet deeply purifying cleansers depending on your skin’s needs.

Commiphora Face Cleanser, an exfoliating gel cleanser that combines AHAs, BHA, and Niacinamide to promote cell turnover, clear pores, prevent blemishes, smooth skin, reduce redness, and enhance moisture retention. 

Baobab Clay Oxygenating Cleanser, a balancing, detoxifying cleanser that removes impurities, unclogs pores without causing dryness or irritation, regulates sebum for a soft matte finish, reduces redness, and is ideal for all skin types including sensitive and unbalanced skin.

Pure Marula Cleansing Oil, an ultra-gentle and reparative cleanser that sinks into the skin to dissolve all traces of urban pollutants, impurities, make-up and sunscreen without disrupting the skin's pH balance or moisture protective barrier. Ideal for sensitive, dry and normal skin types.

Step 2: Tone. Balance skin's pH levels, remove any residual impurities, and prepare the skin to better absorb serums and moisturizers.

Infusion Essence - This hybrid essence-micro-serum unites biotech actives and natural ingredients, enhancing skin barrier function, hydration, texture, and protection against environmental stress, suitable for all skin types and climates. 

Step 3: Antioxidant Serum. Protect, brighten and improve texture with a potent antioxidant serum. Select from:

Vita C Corrector - 20% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate. Vita C Corrector is a waterless booster serum that is powered by the most stable and bio-available form of Vitamin C - THD Ascorbate that penetrates deep into the skin to brighten, illuminate, help produce collagen and provide superior antioxidant protection.

Nutritive Molecule Serum - Advanced Antioxidant Serum - 10% Vitamin C. Formulated for all skin types, this anti-aging serum infuses skin with 3 types of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Niacinamide, Resveratrol and Yeast Beta Glucan to help accelerate antioxidant activity, brighten, protect and improve texture. 

Step 4: Eye Care. Refresh, repair and correct signs of aging and fatigue in the delicate eye area. Select from:

Eye Contour Gel-Serum - is an energizing and highly concentrated cooling gel-serum. It addresses puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles, visibly soothes, tightens skin, and bolsters its barrier function, promoting a youthful appearance. 

Resurrection Eye Cream - Anti-wrinkle Cream. This luxurious and velvety cream is formulated to renew skin cells, boost collagen and elastin production, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring youthful density to the orbital area. Application: Apply a small amount of product morning and/or evening along the orbital bone and under the eye in gentle patting and pressing motions.

Step 5: Face Oil. Nourish your skin with face oil, depending on your preference and skin type. Select from:

Intensive Recovery Oil - To brighten and firm this formula employs time-released Retinol, Vitamins, CoQ10, and Micro-algae to combat aging, pigmentation, and sun damage. Infused with night-harvested Baobab and Jasmine, it counters daily pollutants, strengthens skin, and suits all types. Application: Apply to clean and moist skin. Sweep 5-8 drops over face, neck and décolletage, gently pressing in and releasing.

Neroli Infused Marula Oil - Infused with Neroli, this lightweight face oil balances skin, reduces pores and redness, brightens, and protects against oxidative damage without causing congestion. Application: For face, neck and décolleté, warm 5 - 8 drops of Neroli infused Marula Oil in the palms of your hands. Gently press into the skin.

Step 6: Sunscreen

Finish with an SPF 30+ of your choice to protect and shield your skin from the sun's rays. Sunscreen should be non-negotiable in your AM routine, particularly if you use Retinol in your evening routine.


PM Routine - Repair mode. Your nighttime skincare routine is designed to first cleanse away pollutants and build up from the day. Then, encourage the skin’s natural cellular repair and nocturnal regenerative processes with supportive active ingredients while you rest.

Step 1: Cleanser. Revisit the Commiphora Face Cleanser, Baobab Clay Oxygenating Cleanser or Pure Marula Cleansing Oil to cleanse away the day.

Step 2: Tone. As in your AM routine, apply Infusion - Micro-Fluid Serum Essence.

Step 3: Serum. Serum is an essential part of your evening routine. Brimming with potent levels of active ingredients, they deeply penetrate the skin, facilitating its natural repair process during rest. Select from:

Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum - This retinol-infused and fast-absorbing night serum is exceptionally hydrating and designed to encourage collagen synthesis and brighten skin while soothing and restoring balance to all skin types including environmentally stressed and sensitive. 

Silver Rescue Serum With 10% Niacinamide, Pro Vitamin B5, Globularia Cordifolia Stem Cells, Rooibos Extract, Dragon’s Blood, and Resurrection Plant, this formula promotes repair, reduces redness, and enhances skin health overall. 

Infusion - This hybrid essence-micro-serum unites biotech actives and natural ingredients, enhancing skin barrier function, hydration, texture, and protection against environmental stress, suitable for all skin types and climates.

Intensive Recovery Oil - An encapsulated Retinol with time release technology is used with pure Vitamin E, Vitamin C, CoQ10 and advanced anti-wrinkle Micro-algae to tackle every issue from anti-aging concerns and pigmentation, to acne and sun damage.

Step 4: Night Cream or Moisturizer. Night creams seal in the active ingredients from the serum, lock in hydration, and enhance skin's natural repair function, facilitating rejuvenation overnight with additional actives. Select from:

Retinal Night Cream - A multi-tasking and deeply regenerating treatment cream that helps accelerate cell renewal and the recovery process while you sleep. Advanced regenerative active ingredients help repair skin damage, restructure, improve clarity and boost skin density while increasing moisture and elasticity. 

Intensive Recovery Cream - This high-performance formula combines enhanced molecular and biotech actives for improved skin texture, firmness, radiance, and hydration, ideal for diverse and sensitive skin types. 

Silver Rescue Cream - Powered by colloidal silver, this unique cream works to reduce redness, inflammation, and scarring while improving skin barrier function and relieving the signs of skin stress.

Step 5: Face Oil (Optional). Particularly dry skin can benefit by layering face oil over a night cream to lock in moisture and boost nourishment.

Neroli Infused Marula Oil - Infused with Neroli, this lightweight face oil balances skin, reduces pores and redness, brightens, and protects against oxidative damage without causing congestion. 


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